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5.6. is "World Environment Day".

With our "oil-free technology" we make our contribution.

Dürr Technik's very first piston compressor was designed as an oil-free compressor. Initially, the focus was on "oil-free" mainly because of the clean compressed air for medical applications and the low maintenance required for cleaning and replacing valves and nozzles. However, "oil-free" has also paid off for the customer in terms of lower operating costs.

In recent years, the topic of environmental protection has moved further into the focus of consumers and environmentally friendly products are in demand.

We are very happy to be able to offer our customers both: an economical and environmentally friendly solution with our oil-free compressors. Because Dürr Technik's oil-free technology means less waste of resources, less hazardous waste and less contaminated air.

Oil-free compressors and pumps from Dürr Technik make an active contribution to protecting the environment in many areas of everyday life, e.g.

In the railway sector: Did you know that Dürr Technik is the first manufacturer of oil-free compressors for rail vehicles and supplies the most compressor variants worldwide in the rail sector?

For automotive applications: Compressors that have their own motor drive with high efficiency can significantly reduce energy consumption, especially in the e-mobility sector.

At gas stations: For decades, our high-quality vapour recovery pumps at petrol stations worldwide have ensured that petrol vapours are optimally extracted and do not escape into the environment.

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Dürr Technik's very first piston compressor was designed as an oil-free compressor...

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