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Not only our products rely on "oil-free"

Our oil-free compressors continue to help reduce global oil consumption daily. Dürr Technik already produces a large part of the energy required for production itself by means of a photovoltaic system. As a result, we have saved the equivalent of about 15,000 liters of oil or 110 tons of CO2 every year. We are reducing oil consumption not only in the operation of our compressors, but now in our supply chain.

"We already generate a third of our energy requirement for production and test operation ourselves. This is good for the environment and economically interesting for us".

Andreas Scherer, Head of Development Dürr Technik

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World Quality Day, which takes place this year on the 10th of November, is a perfect occasion to realize the importance of quality management systems...

Our oil-free compressors continue to help reduce global oil consumption daily...

Automatic surface disinfection using special disinfection devices is increasingly replacing conventional manual wipe disinfection in the medical sector, as it is more effective, more economical and safer. With its small, low-maintenance compressors, Dürr Technik forms the heart of these systems...

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