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Oil-free Compressors E-Bull Series

Our power package for commercial vehicles and industry

With the E-Bull, Dürr Technik has expanded its innovative range of oil-free piston compressors, which are specially designed for commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses as well as for industrial applications.

In the field of mobility, where every gram counts, the low weight of the E-Bull reduces energy consumption to a minimum. With a consumption of just 12.1 watts/l/min, the E-Bull belongs the upper efficiency class. Despite its high performance, it is extremely quiet and makes a significant contribution to reducing noise pollution. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the compressor can be installed anywhere in the vehicle - in any installation position.

High-quality materials and our know-how in oil-free technology ensure low-maintenance operation and an extremely long service life, which is also reflected in low life-cycle costs. The robust design of the E-Bull can withstand strong vibrations and is therefore ideal for mobile applications. Dürr Technik has been an innovative network partner of “e-mobil Baden-Württemberg” since 2017 and supports joint research and development projects on electromobility.

With our oil-free compressors you can fully rely on an environmentally friendly solution that combines sustainability, energy efficiency and reduction of CO2 emissions.

Your benefits at a glance

Robust & durable
  • Withstands even strong vibrations and is therefore ideally suited for mobile applications
  • Well protected against dust and water with degree of protection IP 67
  • Extremely long service life thanks to high-quality materials and low-friction oil-free technology
  • Application range from -40°C to +50°C
Powerful & efficient
  • High flow rate at low weight (depending on application only 0.1 kg per l/min)
  • Suitable for operation with frequency inverter. The changeover to a variable speed enables for example optimum operation and thus leads to energy savings
  • Long distance run: guaranteed 100% duty cycle
Compact & quiet
  • Low space requirement thanks to reduced height
  • Variable mounting positions
  • Extremely quiet compared to other piston compressors
Economical & environmentally friendly
  • Savings in oil, filter and waste oil disposal costs thanks to oil-free technology
  • Low life cycle costs due to low spare parts requirement
  • Low-maintenance operation and extended maintenance intervals as oil level checks and oil changes are no longer necessary
  • Environmentally friendly thanks to low energy consumption thanks to motors specially matched to the series (IE3 motor)

Aftercooler for reduction of process air

The E-Bull is supplied with cylinder fan (230 V 1~ AC). For special applications, e.g. when a very low temperature of the process air is required, we also offer a suitable air-cooled heat exchanger.

Available in the versions 230V 1~ AC or 24 V DC.

Air intake filter set

For the connection of a central air intake filter, we offer you the suitable intake filter set, consisting of hose and filter. This allows the intake filter to be positioned as required.

Technical data

Type Free air flow at 5 bar Noise level Motor input Current consumption Voltage Freq. Protection Class Dimensions
  (l/min) PN dB (A) P1 (kW) (A) (V) (Hz) (IP) L x H x W (mm)
Type Free air flow at 5 bar Noise level Motor input Current consumption Voltage Freq. Protection Class Dimensions
  (SCFM) PN dB (A) P1 (kW) (A) (V) (Hz) (IP) L x W x H (in)
E-Bull 280 71 3,4 6,9 400 50 IP67 450x530x298
E-Bull 9.89 71 3.4 6.9 400 50 IP67 11.7x20.8x17.7
E-Bull 315 76 3,95 6,8 400 60 IP67 450x530x298
E-Bull 11.12  73.5 3.95 6.8 400 60 IP67 11.7x20.8x17.7
E-Bull 280 71 3,4 12 230 50 IP67 450x530x298
E-Bull 9.89 71 3.4 12.0 230 50 IP67 11.7x20.8x17.7
E-Bull 315 76 3,95 11,8 230 60 IP67 450x530x298
E-Bull 11.12  73.5 3.95 11.8 230 60 IP67 11.7x20.8x17.7

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