Our oil-free vacuum pumps – perfect for a wide range of different requirements

Dürr Technik manufactures premium compact piston vacuum pumps for various applications.
Vacuum is required in areas like production, laboratories, medical technology and mechanical engineering. Here, the range of potential applications is almost endless – ranging from the coating of UV lenses, the production of microchips or the handling of printed circuit boards to the manufacture of analytical instruments and measuring equipment, for example in the development of medical drugs.

Depending on the application, different types of vacuum pump technology are used. Our vacuum pumps deliver high quality to meet the individual requirements of each application. In both medical technology and environmental systems, for example, consistent suction performance over a long period of time is a very important factor. Work in a laboratory demands low-vibration vacuum pump technology that is as quiet as possible, as the users often work right next to the equipment.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly in these applications, Dürr Technik has developed a range of compact and high-quality oil-free vacuum pumps. These are the first choice for all tasks in which a long service life is essential yet maintenance is more or less impossible. The performance and suction power starts at 25 l/min and goes up as far as 150 l/min. The pumps are directly flanged onto the motor, making them particularly compact. They are ideal for installation in machines. High-quality precision bearings guarantee a long service life and pleasantly low noise levels.


Overview: Properties and advantages of oil-free vacuum pumps

Benefits of the oil-free piston vacuum pumps from Dürr Technik include:

  • Low noise levels
  • Long service life
  • Maintenance-free
  • Extremely robust and durable

Examples of applications for oil-free vacuum pumps

  • Handling e.g. vacuum lifter or pneumatic control
  • Measurement technology i.e. physical measuring equipment for leakage tests or aluminum density test equipment
  • Medical sector i.e. secretion suction device, desinfection devices or cryolipolysis, Orthopaedic technology
  • Jewelry industry i.e. furnaces, Pouring off wax
  • Dental industry, e.g. ceramic kilns
  • Railway industry i.e. vacuum toilets
  • Packaging industry, e.g. suction and picking up of cardboard packaging
  • Environmental industry
  • Laboratory sector, e.g. gas analyses

The diagram provides an overview of the different vacuum pumps that are available from Dürr Technik

Select your specific oil-free piston vacuum pump by means of the characteristic line. Our series differ not only terms of design, but also in terms of suction capacity and final pressure.

Diagram Series Stroke capacity l/min End pressure Pabs mbar Type
Stroke capacity l/min 25 to 30
End pressure Pabs mbar 180
Type Oil-free Piston
25 to 30 180 Oil-free Piston
Stroke capacity l/min 38 to 72
End pressure Pabs mbar 30 to 150
Type Oil-free Piston
38 to 72 30 to 150 Oil-free Piston
Stroke capacity l/min 63 to 150
End pressure Pabs mbar 30 to 150
Type Oil-free Piston
63 to 150 30 to 150 Oil-free Piston

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