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Oil-free main air compressor range RC

Main air for railway vehicles

Dürr Technik is your competent contact partner for innovative compressed air solutions in rail traffic. The RC range includes the first oil-free compressor for main air in rail traffic all over the world. This range has been in use for 15 years and SNCF-certified since 2006. Due to their modular concept these models are adjustable to all conventional motors and therefore ideally suited for retrofit. Belt drive as well as direct drive are possible.


  1. oil-free
  2. low life-cycle costs
  3. robust and durable
  4. maintenance-friendly
  5. suitable for retrofit (direct drive and belt drive)

Technical data

Delivery rate at 9 bar Nominal pressure
Sound pressure level at PN (@ 4,6 m) Mechanical power Weight Dimensions
  (l/min) (bar) dB(A) (kW) (kg) L x B x H (mm)
RC-800* 835 9 - - 117,0 500x713x680
RC-1000* 1000 9 - - 105,0 520x740x630

Data at 50 Hz, further voltages and frequencies available on request

* without motor, with direct coupling, available also with belt drive and with motor


  • operational from -40°C to +50°C
  • various installation positions of aggregates possible
  • modular
  • subjected to long-term tests
  • homologated by SNCF

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