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Beer line cleaner Python Care Dürr Technik

Python Care - our cost effective beverage line cleaner

Chlorine-free, gentle on pipes and tasteless

Hygiene and cleanliness play an important role in the beverage industry. Especially the cleaning of beer lines is very important considering the strict regulations to protect the customers. Only special cleaning agents - such as the Python Care beer line cleaner from Dürr Technik may be used.

Developed for the beverage industry, especially for dispensing systems, the Python Care beer line cleaner from Dürr Technik is a liquid cleaning concentrate or beer line cleaning agent for optimum cleaning of beer lines. Perfectly adapted to this area of application, Python Care removes germs and beer stone from the pipes.

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The advantages of Python Care

Cost-effective & individually dosable
  • Cost-effective thanks to very high yield: 5 litres of cleaning concentrate at 1% dilution, 8 m line length and 7 mm line diameter enable more than 1,600 cleaning processes. This means that each cleaning operation costs only about 2 cents
  • Individually dosable, depending on the degree of soiling
  • Continuous cleaning of your beer lines with Python Care reduces the required concentration ratio and saves costs
  • Available as 5 litre canister or 200 litre barrel
Highly effective & protective
  • Highly effective in the removal of germs and beer stone
  • Extremely powerful even with stubborn deposits in beer lines
  • Also cleans where mechanical cleaning using sponges is not possible, e.g. when using beer and syrup pumps
  • Chlorine-free: therefore protects the beverage lines and extends their service life
  • Suitable for alkali-resistant lines for beer, wine and soft drinks
  • Neutral-tasting, biodegradable and without colour indicator to avoid colour deposits in the pipe and beverage
  • Easy to rinse out
  • Temperatures up to 40 °C and the influence of light during storage do not reduce the cleaning power


Beer line cleaner Python Care, without chlorine, neutral in taste and environmentally friendly

The Python Care beer line cleaner impresses as a chlorine-free and tasteless cleaning agent. Unlike other cleaners, beer lines are not damaged. This significantly increases their service life.  Due to the neutral taste of the Python Care beer line cleaner, the highest quality and best taste of the beer are optimally maintained.
In line with our "green" corporate philosophy, the Python Care beer line cleaner is extremely environmentally friendly and biodegradable. It is appreciated by operators of pubs and bars as a powerful cleaning agent that effectively prevents the growth of bacteria.

Further applications of Python Care

Python Care as a beverage line cleaner is also ideally suitable for the removal of tartar deposits in tanks, barrels and barrique barrels. You can also use the product to clean soft drink beverage lines.
For optimal results, it is recommended to change the type of used beer line cleaner twice a year to avoid antibiotic resistance of the solution by varying the active ingredients.

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