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Flow rate of 10-122 l/min at 5 bar


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Rental equipment

Model For
Description Rental period
SICOLAB 200M Laboratory technicians, application technicians, CTA, PhyTA, BTA, LTA, laboratory dealers, manufacturers of laboratory equipment Soundproof compressor station for laboratory and medical applications From 3 months to 2 years
SICOLAB mini Laboratory technicians, application technicians, CTA, PhyTA, BTA, LTA, laboratory and medical technology dealers, manufacturers of laboratory and medical technology equipment Compact soundproof compressor station for small laboratory and medical applications From 3 months to 2 years
SICOALB mini Endo Gastroenterologists, gynaecologists, urologists, pneumologists, ENT doctors, orthopaedists Compact soundproof compressor station for drying flexible endoscopes From 3 months to 2 years
Nitrobeer Irish Pubs, Craft Breweries, Micro Breweries Nitrogen generator for beverage bar From 12 months to 2 years
WA-038C1 Restaurants, Bars, Cinemas, Stadiums Oil-free copressor station with DürrTronic From 3 months to 2 years




The SICOLAB oil-free compressor system was conceived by Dürr Technik, specifically to be stored and used at the technician’s workbench. This is now possible, due to its extremely quiet, vibration free operation, and the compact size.
The SICOLAB has an appealing, modern look, which perfectly complements other equipment in the laboratory. Its space-saving design allows it to fit neatly under the laboratory desk, while the sound-dampening cabinet substantially reduces noise. The system features an intuitive user interface and a simple plug-and-play operation. SICOLAB is highly mobile due to swivel-wheels and carrying handles. All SICOLAB models are suitable for 100% continuous running.



SICOLAB mini complements the sound-insulated SICOLAB series from Dürr Technik. The successor to the "Silent Air System" convinces with modern design and 30% better performance owing to an optimized intake control. SICOLAB mini has been developed espescially for the laboratory sector – avoiding any disturbance of accustomed processes and ones concentration. Another advantage is the easy operation by plug-and-play. All control elements are easily adjustable from the front. This allows easy positioning on the workplace. The SICOLAB mini is an oil-free compressor unit with integrated carrying handle and offers maximum flexibility with minimal maintenance.

SICOLAB mini is available in voltage version 230 V and 50 Hz and 115 V with 60 Hz. Furthermore, this model will be obtainable for drying of endoscopes as a SICOLAB mini Endo version.

Due to the very compact dimensions of only 396 x 347 x 320 mm this unit can be fitted even in narrow rooms. A carrying handle as well as an optional trolley guarantee comfortable mobility. A power plug (230 V 1~) ensures an easy Plug-and-Play and a quick coupling for the compressed air connection direct at the housing. The oil-free compressors are maintenance-free (except of a filter exchange). Thus there are no service costs, making them economically attractive.

SICOLAB mini is supplied as standard with a 2 l pressure receiver, automatic condensate drain, electromagnetic starting-up relief and an operating hours meter for a safe start-up. As compressors the aggregate type A-025, A-038 and A-062 are used.


SICOLAB mini Endo

Trocknen von Endoskopen mittels Druckluft

The Robert Koch Institute and the German medical association hold the opinion that the drying of endoscopes after their manual preparation is of key importance. In order to avoid recontamination during gastrointestinal endoscopy, blow-drying the fibre or video endoscope with oil-free compressed air after the cleaning, desinfection and rinsing is recommended. Our SICOLAB mini Endo is a suitable highly efficient solution for this procedure.

Due to the extremely compact design it is even possible to install the unit in the surgery cabinet. A carrying handle is attached for mobile handling. SICOLAB mini Endo is fitted with a sterile filter, a spiral coiled hose and a compressed air pistol, as standard features. Just choose the nozzle needed for your application – and even the blowingout of polypectomy loops is possible without any difficulty.





Nitrobeer generates safe and reliable nitrogen, enabling specific beer types to develop their full flavour. The nitrogen generator will also be used in wine storages, for optimal emptying of wine barrels.

Nitrobeer is easy to operate and therefore a convenient alternative to nitrogen bottles. Procuring and handling of the N2-bottles are no longer necessary.

For further information, see nitrogen generator.

Oil-free compressor station

oelfreie Kompressorserienstation

Oil-free compressor, mounted with vibration damper on compressed air tank with antibacterial coating and DürrTronic. DürrTronic monitors your compressor station safely and reliably. This ensures reliable maintenance intervals and avoids failures. The automatic monitoring displays the most important operating parameters and various statistics, so that various diagnoses can be carried out simply at the touch of a button. The electronic control system ensures less mechanical wear by time-controlled operation of the solenoid valves and helps to achieve the maximum service life of the compressor. Depending on version with or without membrane dryer.

For further information, see oil-free serial-compressor stations or DürrTronic.

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