Compressed air for gas chromatographs

Compressed air for gas chromatographs

Successful laboratory analyses - with clean and dry compressed air.

The use of a gas generator is required in laboratories for the on-site production of gases. Since the requirements for compressed air for laboratory applications are very high, for example, it must be extremely clean and dry, it requires oil-free compressed air.

Dürr Technik offers the oil-free compressor SICOLAB especially designed for laboratories.

What is gas chromathography?

Gas chromatography is mainly used in laboratories and institutions. It is an analytical method that separates gas mixtures into individual chemical compounds. 

In gas chromatography, a carrier gas is added to the gas to be analyzed in the laboratory. This carrier gas is often nitrogen, which is produced by a nitrogen generator using compressed air. The mixture is then pressed through a separation column and detected at its end. Depending on the strength of the interaction with the stationary phase, the molecules reach the detector sooner or later.

Compressed air for nitrogen generators for gas chromatography in the laboratory

For gas chromatography and LC-MS analysis of proteins, the soundproof, oil-free laboratory compressor SICOLAB from Dürr Technik has proved its worth for the local compressed air supply of nitrogen generators. Clean and dry compressed air is essential for this application. Thanks to an integrated membrane drying system, the laboratory compressor produces dry compressed air.

Quiet and innovative: Our oil-free laboratory compressor SICOLAB for gas chromatography

The oil-free laboratory compressor stands for an innovative membrane drying system for dry compressed air and meets the requirements of the ISO 8573-1 standard for compressed air quality up to class 1:3:1. It operates extremely silently due to a low sound pressure level. The SICOLAB is intuitive to use, 100% continuous running and therefore perfect for use in gas chromatography in the laboratory.

Customer References

References in the laboratory sector

L. Hell

Chemical and industrial engineer Adscientis

The SICOLAB sound compensation station is used in our laboratory as a compressed air source for inverse gas chromatography. Materials are characterized on a molecular level. Since the instrument is located directly at the workplace, we attach great importance to the noise level. The SICOLAB station convinced us here.

C. Ost

Operations IPH, Environmental Protection - Environmental and Process Analytics infraserv, höchst

The SICOLAB compressor station is used in our chromatography laboratory to supply compressed air to an air generator to produce pure air. It is very quiet and convinces by its mobile and compact undertable construction.

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