Compressed air for gas generators in the laboratory

Compressed air for gas generators

Dry compressed air for the production of gases

A gas generator is required for the on-site production of gases such as oxygen, nitrogen or zero air. The gas generator requires oil-free compressed air, because the demands on compressed air for laboratory applications are particularly high: it must be clean and, above all, dry.

Compressed air for gas generators is usually produced by a compressor. Air is sucked through a filter, compressed, dried and cleaned. The resulting clean and dry compressed air then flows through the system, where nitrogen, oxygen or hydrocarbons are separated from the rest of the air flow by a filter or molecular sieve.

Dürr Technik offers the oil-free compressor SICOLAB especially for laboratories.

Oil-free laboratory compressor SICOLAB for local compressed air supply of gas generators

The oil-free laboratory compressor meets the ISO 8573-1 standard for compressed air quality up to class 1:3:1 and operates with an innovative membrane drying system for dry compressed air. Due to the particularly low sound pressure level, it is extremely quiet. In addition, it is easy to operate, 100% continuous running and therefore perfect for the local compressed air supply of your gas generators in the laboratory. Our compressor is also used for further use in the field of gas chromatography.

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