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Portable, mobile compressors with dryers

Mobile compressed air: clean – particle-free – dry

Our mobile compressors for dry air are suitable for many different applications in industry and laboratories.

One of the key features of the mobile compressors is the container with an anti-bacterial internal coating, which prevents rust particles and bacteria from forming. Whether with a carry handle, as a trolley version or with heavy-duty wheels or rollers: our mobile compressor units offer mobility and ease of use. Thanks to the compact size of the units and the plug & play concept, our mobile compressors are ready for use anywhere and at any time.

Further advantages of the mobile compressors for the field of telecommunications include the optional remote monitoring and a sensor element for monitoring the pressure dew point. Reliable control of the portable compressor is ensured with the aid of a moisture display, pressure gauge, operating time counter and on/off switch with display.

Especially the portable compressor station WAG-132M is ideal for service personnel on the move. Despite its robust stainless steel trolley, it weighs only 37.5 kg and fits into the boot of any small commercial vehicle thanks to its folding handle. The unit can then be easily operated on site with a standard power generator. The device is equipped with an integrated cooler and a dryer with reduction of the pressure dew point by up to 30 K in comparison to the ambient temperature, an air filter (optionally between 0.3 and 0.01 μm), a 10-litre container and a trolley to facilitate handling.


Your advantages at a glance

clean & safe
  • Membrane drying system with integrated cooler and air filter
  • Low pressure dew point and dry compressed air thanks to the membrane dryer
  • Top-quality compressed air thanks to oil-free compressors
  • Super-quiet thanks to the noise insulation box
Mobile & user-friendly
  • Immediate commissioning
  • Rollers or a carry handle provide mobility
  • Maintenance-free compressor unit, requiring only filter changes
Durable & economical
  • Endurance test for continuous operation
  • High durability thanks to the use of high-quality materials in a low-friction design
  • Low lifecycle costs thanks to minimal requirements for replacement parts

Applications for our mobile compressors with dryers

Flexible applications for industry and laboratories

  • Portable compressed air for pneumatic applications
  • For mobile use at events or shows
  • For distributed air supply systems as a standby or backup

Varied applications for telecommunications

  • Blowing in fibre optic cables – contactless without soiling or contamination (currently ideal for FTTH installation for fibre optic cables with a diameter of 0.8-4 mm)
  • Cable drying for safe and reliable data transmission
  • Waveguide drying for highly sensitive data

Compressed air in the field

  • Quality control teams and test teams
  • Veterinary applications
  • Cleaning / drying of sensitive optical instruments

Technical Data


Free air flow at 5 bar Noise Level

Motor Input Current consumption

Voltage Frequency

Protection Class Dimensions
(l/min) PN dB (A) P1 (kW) (A) (V) (Hz) (IP) L x B x H (mm)
WAG-132M 65 71 0,89 3,9 230 50 IP54 545x180x400

Further versions on request.
For highest air quality standards Dürr Technik recommends specific minimum pressure settings and a regular filter change. For further information please refer to the operating instructions or contact Dürr Technik.



The compressor station WAG-132 is used for pressurizing the telephone cables in the underground with compressed air so that a safe and reliable telecommunication network is achieved. Since years the compact compressor is running quietly and provides a reliable source of air supply for the telecommunication system.

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