Spare parts kits to replace friction pairing – quick and easy.

Extend the life of your compressor with a new head kit.

Compressors from Dürr Technik are equipped with high-quality head kits that are durable and offer a long life.

To ensure optimum performance and to prevent breakdowns it is recommended that the head kits (cup seal and cylinder bore) are replaced at regular intervals.

As compressor use is so specific it is not possible to give a fixed replacement schedule. However, below are some guidelines and recommendations for replacement based on the application. You can also watch our service videos to see how quick and easy the replacement can be.

If you would like us to define a replacement schedule for you, or if you have any questions then, please contact our service department.

What type of user are you?

A combination of different factors and the type of use will determine when it is time to replace the friction pairing.

Low use

e.g. in the medical field, e.g. clean laboratory: replacement after 6 years.

Medium use

e.g. 1-shift industrial operation, depending on environmental factors: Replace after 2.5-5 years.

Maximum use

e.g. 10 hours a day with 70% duty cycle as in fast food chains: Replace after 1.5-3 years.


These factors affect the life of the friction pairing:

Several factors determine the life of the friction pairing. The most critical factor is the number of operating hours, which is highly dependent on the specific application, is a critical factor in the wear of the components.



Operating hours


Affordable replacement instead of expensive new purchase.

Good to know: Depending on the model, the price of a head kit is only 10-15% of the price of a new compressor. Of course, you will receive the appropriate replacement instructions with each kit.

Order the right head kit in the Dürr Technik webshop.

Spare part kits to replace the friction pairing quickly and easily.

In this video, using the KK40 compressor as an example, you will see how easy it is to replace a head kit.

Learn step by step how to safely remove and replace the components to maintain optimum compressor performance. By the way: Videos are also available for other models.

Have fun watching.

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