Drying of endoscopes and mis instruments

Manual preparation of flexible endoscopes and mis instruments

With oil-free air compressor and compatible air pistol

The manual preparation of flexible endoscopes and mis instruments is used in many medical practices as well as in hospitals/clinics in gastroenterology, urology, pneumology and ENT therapy.

With the compressor station SICOLAB mini ENDO and the compressed air pistol made of stainless steel as approved medical products of class I you are up to date.

Drying of endoscopes

Drying of endoscopes



After cleaning of the endoscopes they will also require hygienic drying process of the endoscope channels. According to the Robert Koch Institute and the German Medical Association, the drying of endoscopes after manual preparation plays an important role in the sterilization (cleanliness) of the product. In order to avoid recontamination, it is recommended that after cleaning, disinfection and rinsing all residual liquids are blown from the channels within endoscopes with hygienic and dry compressed air form a Durr Technik oil-free compressor.

Drying of flexible and rigid endoscopes with oil-free air compressor SICOLAB mini ENDO from Dürr Technik

The SICOLAB mini ENDO was specially developed for the application "drying of endoscopes". Optimally adapted to this application, this solution can be used to dry gastroscopes, cystroscopes, bronchoscopes, uroscopes and ENT endoscopes from manufacturers such as Richard Wolf, Olympus, Karl Storz and Fujitsu.

Customized for the drying of Endoscopes

SICOLAB mini ENDO is with suitable air pistol for the manual drying process. With the use of these accessories the preparation process is twice as fast thanks to effective drying. This also ensures the process is cost efficient requiring an operator for less time during the day. Thanks to the extensive accessory set, we offer customized solutions for individual and group practices.

Decentralized compressed air for automated Endoscope processing machines

Within Larger practices and hospitals, the number of procedures that require the use of endoscopes no longer make it efficient to use manual cleaning and drying processes. Therefore, automated processes machines are used. Due to the demand for high quality, clean and oil free compressed air central air supplies can be found to be un suitable for this application. Durr Technik work with a many large OEM’s to provide the air for the automated Endoscope processing machines. Durr Technik can offer customized solutions that fit within the OEM equipment or as additional standalone solutions. With our compact, high performance units and whisper quiet operation is it possible to have the units in high traffic areas.

For over 40 years Dürr Technik has been specialized in oil-free compressors for hospitals and medical practices. Due to many years of experience, we are qualified to advise you right from the conception of the project to the installation and to ensure your satisfaction after the purchase. We would be happy to supply advise to you, so please get in touch.

Customer References

Selayang Hospital, Malaysia

Our Department of Hepatology of Selayang Hospital is the national tertiary referral centre for liver diseases. We have 8 OGDs and 7 colonoscopies and we manual reprocess on average of 16 endoscopes per day. For the drying process we use the sound proofed compressor SICOLAB mini Endo. We like the usability of the product and the easy integration in our working room.

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