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Oil-free main air compressors from Dürr Technik

In oil-free compressors our strengths have been at the forefront of the railway industry

Each train has unique and individual requirements. Our oil-free main air compressors offer multiple options to meet your specific requirements. With a quality design, reliable performance, and German Engineering, we offer proven main air compressor models, whether it’s a belt-driven version or a customised turnkey solution. Together we can plan your optimal solution.

Our pioneering role as a manufacturer of oil-free piston air compressors, designed and built for durability and performance, is why more than 200 rail customers from 35 countries worldwide rely on Dürr Technik. Our innovative compressors are economical to own and operate. While our oil-free technology makes them more environmentally friendly too. Consider all these important and relevant factors when deciding on your oil-free compressor choice for rail transport.

Our main air compressors for the railroad sector


The main air compressor E-Bull is particularly light and yet powerful.

Robust power pack: the E-Bull main air compressor

This series is particularly robust, efficient and quiet.

  • Energy efficient design
  • Smart packaging to facilitate flexible installation positions
  • Vibration optimized with low noise level
  • Equipped with variable frequency drive (VFD) compatible electric motor

more information about the E-Bull

The newly developed MC series main air compressors were developed using our decades of experience in oil-free air compressors for both main and auxiliary railway applications. The compressors of the MC series are robust and durable, suitable for projects that must withstand extreme conditions.

Compact & soundproofed: MC series main air compressors

Space saving design, optimized for vibration.

  • Low maintenance yielding the lowest cost of ownership
  • Sturdy protective housing for enhanced noise reduction and environmental protection
  • Reliable startup and operation in low temperatures

more information about the MC series

The Marathon series main air compressors: Class leading performance with continuous running capability.

Durable: Marathon series main air compressors

This series is powerful, durable, and exceptionally reliable.

  • Features a high efficiency cooling design that supports continues running (S1)
  • Superior air filtration extends service life
  • Compact and streamlined design

more information about the Marathon series

Individual main air systems that optimally combine function, design and economy.

Individually configured: Your new main air station

The compact, lightweight and low-vibration compressors from Dürr Technik can be individually configured:

  • Add the appropriate compressor with an adsorption dryer, vibration dampers or a welded frame according to railway standards.
  • Perfectly suited for substructure mounting, installation in the machine room or installation on the roof.

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Savings potential with oil-free air compressors

The potential savings over the years can be enormous. As an example, one customer’s data shows that the cumulative maintenance costs of our oil-lubricated compressors over a period of 20 years and 146 units in their fleet resulted in a potential savings of 2.95 million Euros, equivalent with 86%, when compared to the oil-lubricated air compressors. And the positive impact on the environment, is always priceless.

Our certifications in the railroad sector

Our oil-free air compressors for the rail sector are manufactured in Germany. Since 2009 our facility is IRIS certified. Depending on the requirements, we are also able to facilitate and meet the following standards:

  • EN 50121-3-2 Electromagnetic compatibility
  • EN 45545-2 Fire protection requirements
  • EN ISO 9227 Salt spray test
  • EN 61373 Vibration and shock test

Here you can find all our certifications

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