Gas generators for laboratory gas supply

Continuous gas supply for laboratories

Generate the gas you need directly on site and as required

Laboratories need a reliable, cost-effective and high-quality supply of laboratory gases.

With a gas generator, you are independent of bottled gas and can produce gases such as nitrogen, zero air or hydrogen directly on site in exactly the purity and quantity you require.

The perfect combination:

Chromalytic is a long-standing expert in gas generators. Dürr Technik has been an expert in the field of oil-free compressors for over 40 years. The heart of a generator is the compressor - Chromalytic is the only supplier in the field of gas generators that, as part of the Dürr Technik Group, equips its gas generators with Dürr Technik's high-quality, durable compressors. For you, this means proven, competent reliability and the certainty that you can rely on your gas supply.

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