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Take advantage of our offer and extend the legal warranty period for your new Dürr Technik product to two or three years, as you wish. To do this, complete the warranty extension application within 12 weeks of the date of purchase and send it to us.

On request you will receive the costs for the desired warranty together with the offer for your new product. During the warranty period Dürr Technik will pay the material costs for factory repairs. Wear parts are excluded. We offer the warranty extension to 2 or 3 years for the following product groups: Compressor stations, compressor units, DC compressor units, SICOLAB, SICOLAB mini and SICOLAB mini ENDO.


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Requesting a warranty extension for another unit
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Information on the extension of the warranty

If you return the "Application for Warranty Extension" form to Dürr Technik within 12 weeks of the date of purchase, duly completed, and have paid the resulting invoice, your warranty claim will be extended to two or three years, depending on the period selected, in accordance with Dürr Technik's terms and conditions of sale, delivery and payment.

The extension of the warranty shall only apply if
  1. Dürr Technik original parts and Dürr Technik accessories are used,
  2. cleaning agents and disinfectants are used which have been approved by Dürr Technik,
  3. assembly, new installation, modifications, extensions and repairs are carried out by Dürr Technik or a company authorised by Dürr Technik to do so,
  4. the unit is used and operated in accordance with the installation and operating instructions, and
  5. the dealer or customer has documents showing that routine maintenance has been carried out in accordance with Dürr Technik's guidelines for the product concerned.

The original packaging should be kept for possible return deliveries. Only the original packaging ensures optimum protection of the unit during transport. The packaging must not be accessible to children.

If a return delivery is necessary during the warranty period, Dürr Technik will not accept any liability for damage during transport that occurred due to defective packaging. In the event of a defect, the dealer/customer shall bear the costs of return transport to Dürr Technik. In the event of a justified warranty, the goods will be returned by Dürr Technik to the dealer/customer free of charge after a warranty repair.

Warranty exclusion

The following wearing parts are excluded from the warranty extension: Filters, vibration dampers, cup seals, membranes, carbon brushes (for DC motors), consumables. There is no entitlement to warranty if the compressor and its components have been improperly used, improperly maintained, improperly repaired, altered or modified.

General exclusion

Services within the scope of a technician's visit to the customer's premises by Dürr Technik (working time/driving time).

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