Oil-free compressed air systems for hospitals

Oil-free compressed air facility for the generation of medical compressed air in hospitals and medical practices

For the medical compressed air supply in hospitals, particularly high requirements apply to the availability and purity of the air. Only clean, dry and constant medical compressed air can be used for patient care. The oil-free compressors from Dürr Technik guarantee the required high quality air. Our products are equipped with an electronic control system to ensure redundant medical gas supply, they are eco-friendly and practically maintenance-free. The P2B-304MS and P4B-304MS compressor stations from Dürr Technik are ideal for supplying small hospitals, day clinics and group practices with medical compressed air. They are ideally suitable for the generation of medical compressed air.

Innovative membrane drying technology for medical compressed air supply

Surgical and medical compressed air is provided through a central compressed air supply system, which is connected to the respective delivery points via a pipe system. The ambient air is sucked in, compressed by the oil-free compressors and dried with our innovative membrane drying technology. Furthermore, our fine filter ensures the highest air quality.

Dry and clean air according to ISO 8573-1

Our membrane dryers automatically supply dry and clean compressed air according to ISO 8573-1. The dried air is stored directly in the pressure vessel and with a very low purge air consumption is economical and offers 100% reliability in continuous operation.

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Use of medical compressed air in hospitals according to DIN ISO 7396-1

Medical compressed air has been clearly regulated in the European Pharmacopoeia since April 2000 and is classified as a medicinal product. Due to this regulation, the use of compressed air is only permitted for certain sectors.

Medical compressed air in hospitals is used to ventilate patients, drive surgical and medical tools and instruments, supply anesthesia systems and ceiling supply units and is part of many different reprocessing operations.

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Examples of applications for medical compressed air supply

For over 40 years Dürr Technik has been an expert in oil-free compressors for hospitals and medical practices. Due to many years of experience, we are qualified to advise you right from the conception of the project to the installation and to ensure your satisfaction after the purchase. We would be happy to supply advise to you, so please get in touch.

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