Compressed air supply

Preparation of medical products with compressed air

in practices, surgical theatres & hospitals/clinics

The manual preparation of medical products takes place in almost all medical facilities, whether in clinics, doctors' practices, ambulatory operating theatres, research institutes or medical laboratories.

Hygienic drying

An important step in manual reprocessing is the hygienic drying of medical instruments with oil-free compressed air. Drying is particularly important, as the risk of germ multiplication is very high when the instruments are stored in a moist condition. Even low residual moisture can lead to recontamination by bacteria in the lumens and channels of the instruments. To prevent this, the cavities and outer surfaces of the instruments are dry-blown with filtered compressed air.

The drying of medical instruments with oil-free compressed air is also recommended by the independent group "Arbeitskreis Instrumentenaufbereitung" (AKI).

Drying medical instruments with SICOLAB mini

Compact, mobile and quiet, the air compressor SICOLAB mini from Dürr Technik produces clean, oil-free compressed air. All medical instruments, including ophthalmological instruments and MIC instruments with narrow lumen, can be optimally dried using this compressor.

For over 40 years Dürr Technik has been the leading specialist of oil-free compressors for hospitals and medical practices. Due to many years of experience, we are qualified to advise you right from the conception of the project to the installation and to ensure your satisfaction after the purchase. We would be happy to supply advise to you, so please get in touch.

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