Compressors for industry, production and manufacturing

Compressors for Industry, Production and Manufacturing

High quality compressors for your industrial air requirements

Oil-free compressors - and of course vacuum pumps - play a vital role in a wide range of industrial applications. With many years of experience in industry, we understand our customers' compressed air requirements. For over 40 years, we have used this knowledge to design and manufacture high quality oil-free compressors for a wide range of markets.

Our industrial oil-free compressors are perfect for day-to-day use in industry and are used wherever reliability and durability compressors are required. The compressors are often integrated into systems, plant and equipment that are required to run 24 -hours a day and where low-maintenance and reliability is paramount. Some customers also require a very specific compressed air quality - Dürr Technik compressors score here too, with oil-free technology and a wide range of filters available we can achieve the cleanliness class you require.

Maximise the efficiency of your processes and the quality of your products with oil-free compressors from Dürr Technik.

Benefits of Dürr Technik Industrial Compressors

High quality and durable: excellence that lasts

Dürr Technik industrial compressors are distinguished by exceptional quality and a long service life, even after many thousands of operating hours. High-quality precision bearings guarantee long service life.

Economical and low-maintenance

Thanks to their sophisticated design and high-quality components, our compressors offer long service lives and require only minimal maintenance. Our oil-free technology eliminates the need for annoying oil changes and oil level checks.

Clean and environmentally friendly

Say goodbye to clogged valves and nozzles! Our Oil-free compressed air delivers clean, reliable air, ensuring accurate measurements and a healthier environment.

Versatile and individually configurable

Our compressors are designed to offer flexible configurations to meet your requirements.

Examples of industrial applications for our compressors

What industry do you work in and what are your compressor requirements?

Handling technology

Handling equipment is used in industry for various processes such as positioning, conveying or stacking. Such handling equipment is often powered by compressed air or by generating a vacuum. Dürr Technik's oil-free compressors and vacuum pumps are durable and low-maintenance, making them perfect for industrial production.

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Food Industry

Product safety is paramount in the food industry. Even small compromises can have serious consequences. That's why many food production, processing, and packaging processes require compressed air of exceptional purity to meet stringent quality standards.

Eliminate Contamination Risk with Oil-Free Technology: Our oil-free compressors provide a reliable solution for your food production needs by eliminating the risk of oil contamination.

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Packaging Industry

In the packaging industry, compressed air and its treatment play a central role in the production process. Moisture in particular has a negative impact on systems, raw materials and finished products. With our oil-free compressors with membrane dryers, you can count on a reliable supply of clean and dry compressed air.

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Printing & 3D Printing

High quality compressed air is vital to the production processes in print shops and 3D printing, as it makes a significant contribution to the quality of the products manufactured. It also plays a key role in protecting pneumatic systems. Our oil-free compressors with membrane dryers reliably deliver dry and clean air. The degree of cleanliness is determined by the type of filter used.

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Specific industries & individual markets

We serve customers with unique compressed air requirements. The applications for Dürr Technik compressors are as diverse as the industries themselves. No matter how specific your application is, contact us, we are ready for new challenges.

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Our compressors for industrial applications - convincing in all performance classes

Dürr Technik's wide range of compressors offers you maximum freedom for your industrial application: from mini-compressors with a delivery rate of 8 l/min at 5 bar to large compressor stations that deliver up to 860 l/min at 5 bar and can therefore also cover large compressed air requirements in industry.

From the beginning of 2025, we will also be offering you a modular, expandable oil-free compressor station for central compressed air supply with a capacity of up to 45 kW at 10 bar.

All industrial compressors from Dürr Technik are high-quality piston compressors. The oil-free technology ensures environmentally friendly, low-maintenance and economical operation. What particularly impresses our existing customers, however, is the long service life of Dürr Technik compressors.

Small Oil-free Compressors KK Series

Power Packs of the e E-Bull Compressor Series

The smallest compressor in this most durable and maintenance-free series weighs just 4.8 kg and delivers a reliable 8 l/min of compressed air at 5 bar. The A-025 model covers a variety of voltages and frequencies thanks to its 2-voltage motor. The largest compressor in this series delivers 165 l/min at 5 bar. DC compressors are available with delivery rates between 8 l/min and 97 l/min at 5 bar.

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Powerful, efficient, and highly compact: The new E-Bull is the ideal compressor solution for your industrial application. This compressor series offers a wide range of configuration options, voltages, and accessories for various industries.

Coming soon: Also available as a large industrial station with a delivery rate of up to 350 l/min at 10 bar.

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Compressor Stations

DürrTronic Monitoring for Compressor Stations

All components of our compressor stations are carefully matched to each other and are designed for demanding industrial applications that require continuous performance availability.

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We recommend compressor stations with DürrTronic monitoring for your industrial application. DürrTronic displays the most important operating parameters and statistics to maximise compressor life.

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Industrial Vacuum Pumps

Silent and compact - the SICOLAB Compressor

Our oil-free industrial vacuum pumps are ideal for applications where long running times are required and maintenance is virtually impossible.

High quality precision bearings ensure long life and low noise levels. Capacities start at 25 l/min and range up to 150 l/min.

  • Continuous operation
  • Maintenance free
  • Durable

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SICOLAB compressors run with low vibration and significantly reduce noise pollution in industrial environments thanks to their extremely low sound pressure level (48 dBA). Discover our wide range of models with different capacities, dryers and filters for customised compressed air qualities.

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What specific compressed air requirements does your industrial application have?

We serve customers in a wide range of industries worldwide and have a wealth of experience. We will be happy to advise you to find the perfect solution for your specific industrial application. In a detailed discussion, we will clarify which compressors are suitable for you in terms of delivery volume, air quality and other factors.

In some industries, the required air quality is governed by regulations and standards, and the purity and dryness of the compressed air must be verified.

In other industries, such as manufacturing and processing, compressors are required to have specific protection classes and capacities. Or the compressors and their motors must be able to withstand severe vibration and temperature fluctuations.

No matter what compressed air quality, delivery volume or protection class you require, Dürr Technik's broad portfolio of robust, oil-free piston compressors and vacuum pumps for industry offers outstanding quality for economical operation.

Custom compressor design and manufacture

With many years of experience and a large number of individual compressor projects for customers with specific requirements, our project teams are able to respond quickly to special requests in the field of compressors and vacuum pumps.

We actively support you in the development of a suitable compressor system for your industrial processes and ensure customised integration into your overall system.

Dürr Technik will design your compressed air system according to your specifications:

  • Flow rate 8 to 960 l/min*.
  • Pressure 0 to 10 bar
  • Dryer and filter according to the required compressed air quality

Our compressors are designed and manufactured with reliability and durability in mind. We use high quality Dürr Technik components in industrial quality. This is what makes Dürr Technik compressors so economical. We would be happy to develop a customised compressor solution for you.

* These values apply to single compressor air systems. Higher values can be achieved by combining several compressors.

Dürr Technik – compressed air partner to industry for over 40 years

For many decades, we have been a leader in the field of environmentally friendly, oil-free compressors, offering innovative solutions for the sustainable supply of high-quality compressed air to customers in a wide range of industries. Our focus is on developing world class compressors to meet the current and future needs of industry.

What do you want from your new compressor? Let's talk about your needs.

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