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Compressed air specially designed for hospitals and medical practices

Oil-free compressed air supply for hospitals and medical practices

Whether in a hospital, clinic or doctor's practice - clean compressed air is essential in the medical sector. As one of the leading suppliers, Dürr Technik offers silent, oil-free compressors that impress with their compactness, flexibility and efficiency. Many medical applications require high-quality, dry air. Our oil-free piston compressors with fine filter units and our patented membrane drying facility is the ideal combination for generating medical compressed air. Besides the central compressed air supply, our compressors perform a variety of tasks in the field of decentralized compressed air supply.

Your advantages at a glance

High-quality & flexible
  • Safe processes thanks to the certification (according to ISO 13485)
  • Safe technology thanks to medical device approval (specific units within the range)
  • Flexible in the area of application due to scalable size of the compressor units 
Economical & low-maintenance
  • Low-maintenance compressor thanks to efficient design (only filter change required)
  • Energy-efficient due to state-of-the-art components and long service life 
Quiet & user-friendly
  • Products generally ready for connection
  • Easy handling thanks to automatic evaporation of the condensate
  • Low-noise thanks to special soundproofing

Best air quality in the medical sector due to compressed air with oil-free compressors

The quality of compressed air in hospitals and practices is extremely important. The ISO 8573-1.2010 (compressed air class) standard classifies the quality and purity of compressed air with the required specifications and the pressure dew point. Dürr Technik stations with patented membrane dryers meet the German condensation limit of 870 ppm (V/V), as these models have a pressure dew point of 2°C at a tank pressure of 7 bar. Thanks to the use of oil-free compressors, all Dürr Technik stations meet the oil content limit of 0.01 mg/m3 air as defined in the European Pharmacopoeia.

For over 40 years, Dürr Technik has been the specialist of oil-free compressors in the medical sector for example in hospitals. Thanks to many years of experience, we are qualified to advise you right from the beginning and make sure of your satisfaction even after the purchase.

Compressed air for ophthalmologists and eye surgeons

Our compressors have been used for many years in a variety of applications in ophthalmic practices and clinics, including instrument drying, compressed air supply for phaco and vitrectomy systems, and anaesthesia equipment.

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Drying of endoscopes

Thanks to our oil-free compressed air solution SICOLAB mini ENDO, disinfected and dried endoscopes can be stored in a very efficient and hygienic way.

More information about the drying of endoscopes
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Breathing air for ventilators

With the SICOLAB med oil-free medical compressor, we offer our customers a first-class, tailor-made and certified product solution for the compressed air supply of highly sensitive ventilators in hospitals and medical practices

More information about breathing air for Ventilators
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Compressed air for shock wave therapy

For manufacturers of shock wave and ESWT devices, we offer eco-friendly and high-quality oil-free compressors.

More information about shock wave therapy
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Central compressed air supply in hospitals

Our oil-free compressed air facilities for permanent medical and surgical compressed air supply in hospitals meet the highest requirements.

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Drying of medical devices

The use of oil-free compressed air is particularly convenient for the hygienic drying of medical instruments. This is also recommended by the independent "Arbeitskreis Instrumentenaufbereitung" (AKI).

More information about sterile storage
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Further fields of application

Our vacuum pumps support the hygienic process of surgicalsuction during operations.  

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