Beverage Industry

The cost-effective alternative to CO₂

Oil-free compressors for the beverage industry

Compressed air is the cost-effective alternative to CO2. It guarantees reliable operation in bars, restaurants, cinemas or stadiums, in other words, wherever drinks are served in large quantities.

In addition to cost savings, the use of compressed air also eliminates transport and storage costs. So it's no wonder that our oil-free compressors have been used successfully in the catering trade and large stadiums for over 25 years.

Your advantages at a glance

Economical & environmentally friendly
  • Reduced operating costs due as a result of CO2 savings
  • Elimination of transport and storage costs for gas cylinders
  • Active climate protection by reducing CO2 emissions
  • Especially for beer dispensing systems: Reduction of beer losses by up to 25%
Fast & secure
  • Always optimum pressure, even with long pipe systems
  • Improved work processes and more safety through conversion to compressed air

Drive of beer pumps for beer dispensing

Beer tapping used to be an art. Today it is a question of which technology is used. This is why renowned breweries have been relying on our oil-free compressors for many years.

More about the application and the products

Driving sirup pumps for soft drink dispensing

Well-known fast food chains have been using our oil-free compressor stations for decades because they are convinced of their safety, reliability and long service life.

More about the application and the products

Nitrogen generator for beer dispensing Nitrobeer

Nitrogen is essential to ensure the full taste of certain beers. We offer a comfortable alternative to the use of nitrogen bottles with our nitrogen generator Nitrobeer.

Directly to the product

Our gas mixer as ideal supplement to the Nitrobeer nitrogen generator

The robust gas mixer supplies mixed gas for beverage dispensing and is specially designed to meet the needs of restaurants.

Detailed properties of the gas mixer can be found under the product Nitrobeer and in our webshop.

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