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Nitrobeer - the comfortable gas generator

Continuous nitrogen supply for your beer dispensing

Mixed gas consisting of nitrogen and carbon dioxide plays a key role in determining the character and taste of a beer. Some beers are nitrogenated by gas generators (dissolving N2) to give the product a more foamy, neutral taste profile.

With an efficient and compact PSA system that separates the gaseous components of the air, these generators - like Dürr Technik's Nitrobeer nitrogen generator - produce high-purity nitrogen on site. A continuous nitrogen supply is also required if the beer has to be transported through a long pipeline to the beer tap.

Are you interested in our Nitrobeer gas generator?


Your advantages at a glance

  • No more nitrogen bottles necessary
  • 100 % duty cycle - particularly important for peak times
  • Long life
  • Particularly quiet with only 56 dB(A)
  • Very high nitrogen purity (99.8 %)
  • 2-pillar PSA technology
  • Ready for connection (Plug-and-Play)
  • Compact - therefore small space requirement
  • Also designed for wall mounting

Gas generator for individual requirements in the beverage industry

Dürr Technik manufactures gas generators for the beverage industry, in particular for beer dispensing in pubs and bars, which ensure a continuous supply of gaseous nitrogen. In addition to beer dispensing, the gas generator Nitrobeer is also used for wine dispensing in order to optimally empty the wine barrels.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the beverage industry, we can meet your individual requirements and always find the right solution.

Independent of the nitrogen supply

Our Nitrobeer gas generator offers you an optimum solution for the continuous nitrogen supply of your gas mixing plant for beer dispensing. Nitrobeer is easy to operate and immediately ready for use thanks to its plug-and-play connection. Other advantages of our Nitrobeer gas generator include medium-term cost savings, independence of gas suppliers and no need to handle nitrogen bottles. Nitrobeer is therefore a convenient alternative to N2 bottles.

The compact gas mixer especially for beverage dispensing

Our gas mixer offers you the ideal complement to our Nitrobeer gas generator and supports the continuous nitrogen supply for your beer bar. It is used for the production of 1 or 2 preset mixtures of carbon dioxide (CO2) and/or nitrogen (N2), which are used for the dispensing of beverages.

You can find detailed features of the gas mixer directly in our webshop.

Technical data

Type Nitrobeer
Purity of nitrogen (%) 99,8
Nitrogen flow volume at 6 bar (l/min) 10
Max. number of barrels / hour 14
Max. number of pints / minute 33,6 ≙ 19 l/min
Duty cycle (%) S1 – 100%
Sound-pressure level dB(A) 56
Nitrogen receiver - volume (l) 6*
Nominal voltage (V) 230 V AC
Frequency (Hz) 50
Current consumption (A) 2,6
Ambient temperature (°C) 5 - 40
Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 650x280x550
Weight (kg) 52

* a 6 l tank is integrated.

To produce higher volumes an additional tank can be connected.

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