Medical breathing air for ventilators

Medical breathing air compressors for ventilators

Medical compressed air supply of highly sensitive ventilators

With the oil-free compressor SICOLAB med we offer our customers a first-class, tailor-made product solution for the medical compressed air supply of highly sensitive ventilators in hospitals and medical practices.

Whisper-quiet, especially designed for hospitals and practices

Our compact and low-noise breathing air compressor for clean compressed air is officially certified as a medical device and impresses with its effective soundproofing and whisper-quiet operation.

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Breathing air according to the latest standards in the medical industry

The generated quality of compressed air for ventilators has been tested and approved according to the biocompatibility standard ISO/FDIS 18562. An important feature of this standard is the measurement of chemicals and particles of the generated compressed air that can be released in the respiratory tract. So far there have only been general guidelines. The new ISO 18562 series of standards contains requirements, test methods and risk assessments for ventilation applications. The breathing air compressor SICOLAB med compresses the ambient air to obtain clean compressed air, making the process independent of a central compressed air supply. The compressed air is dried using an efficient membrane dryer and cleaned in three filter stages with a fineness of up to 0.3 µm.

Certified medical device

The SICOLAB med soundproofed compressor station for ventilators is a Class 2b medical device and was developed with the extremely high requirements for air purity in non-invasive and invasive ventilation in mind. The medical air compressor SICOLAB med from Dürr Technik ensures a reliable oxygen supply to the patient. Whether in standby mode as a replacement in case of failure of the central hospital compressed air supply or as the main supply for the ventilator.

Rely on a certified medical device according to MDD 93/42/EEC. With the low-noise and oil-free SICOLAB med compressor, Dürr Technik is your competent partner for all aspects of medical compressed air supply.

Thanks to several years of experience, we are well qualified to offer you advice right from the very beginning and ensure your satisfaction after the purchase. Due to many years of experience, we are qualified to advise you right from the conception of the project to the installation and to ensure your satisfaction after the purchase. We would be happy to supply advise to you, so please get in touch.

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