Compressed Air for Ophthalmic Applications

Compressed air for ophthalmic surgery and eye clinics

Phaco and Vitrectomy Systems + Anaesthesia + Instrument Drying

Do you need high quality compressed air for a phaco or vitrectomy machine and want a compact, whisper quiet premium compressor? Or do you need the support of a medical grade compressor to provide clean, dry compressed air for your anaesthesia machine during complex eye surgery? You may also be looking for a medical grade compressor to dry ophthalmic instruments?

As a specialist supplier of high quality industrial and medical grade compressors and pumps, we have the right solution for your ophthalmic surgery application.

Premium air compressors for various ophthalmic applications

High-quality compressed air for phaco and vitrectomy systems

You can rely on premium compressors from Dürr Technik to supply your phacoemulsification and vitrectomy systems with high quality compressed air and get the most out of your delicate instruments.

Our compressors have been used in ophthalmic surgery for many years to supply compressed air to phaco and vitrectomy equipment.

Our customers appreciate our high quality compressors for their compact design, ease of use and very quiet operation - only 48 db (A).

Read more about the silent SICOLAB compressor

Efficient, safe and precise - by creating a vacuum

A vitrectomy is the surgical removal of a transparent, gel-like mass inside the eye called the vitreous. Compressed air is used during the operation, and the delicate retina is protected by a vacuum: Creating a vacuum increases the impact speed of the pneumatic cutter, allowing tissue to be removed more efficiently and precisely. At the same time, the vacuum reduces local pressure on the retina, allowing the surgeon to operate in a tissue-friendly and safe manner.

The compressed air from the SICOLAB compressor has already been pre qualified for use with the following phaco and vitrectomy systems: Stellaris Elite, PC from Bausch + Lomb, EVA Phaco-Vitrectomy System from DORC, VISALIS S500, VISALIS V500 from ZEISS, OS 3 / OS 4 from Oertli, CONSTELLATION® Vision System from Alcon, R-Evolution®, R-Evo smart® series from BVI, Pulsar 2 series from OPTIKON, and the GALAXY TURBO ORBIT from Appasamy Associates.

If your model or manufacturer is not listed, we would be delighted to check compatibility for you.
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Medical grade compressor for anaesthesia

As a certified compressor for anaesthesia and respiratory equipment, the SICOLAB med, is a medical grade compressor which is certified as a Class IIb medical device according to Directive 93/42/EEC and complies with Article 120 of the European Medical Device Regulation, (EU) 2017/745 (MDR).

Other advantages are:

  • Extremely quiet: only 47 dB (A)
  • Extremely compact: 348 x 515 x 440 mm (LxWxH)
  • Dry and clean air thanks to integrated membrane dryer and sub-micro filter of 0.3 µm

Read more about SICOLAB med medical grade compressor

The compressed air from the SICOLAB med compressor can be used for many ventilation and anaesthesia devices: As a standby replacement unit or as a main air supply, e.g. for anaesthesia equipment from GE Healthcare, Dräger, aXcent medical and many more.

If your model or manufacturer is not listed, we would be delighted to check compatibility for you.
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Medical compressed air for drying your ophthalmic surgical instruments

After manual reprocessing of medical instruments, hygienic drying is an important step. For example, if ophthalmic instruments used in an eye operation - especially hollow instruments - are stored with residual moisture, the risk of bacterial growth is high.

You can eliminate these risks by drying your ophthalmic surgical instruments with medical grade compressed air.

Dürr Technik's SICOLAB mini ENDO is the first compressor with a stainless steel air gun certified as a Class I medical device under the European Medical Device Directive MDR 2017/745 for drying endoscopes and MIS instruments.

Read more about SICOLAB mini ENDO medical grade compressor

Dürr Technik has been the market leader in Germany for small and quiet air compressors for the medical sector with on-site service for many years. Our small medical premium compressors are "made in Germany", quiet, durable and easy to operate. Apart from an annual filter change, they are completely maintenance-free.

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