Compressed air in the laboratory

Space-saving compact compressed air systems for the laboratory

High-quality compressed air for a wide range of laboratory applications

Laboratories today are equipped with a variety of measuring devices, tools and instruments. They are used, among other things, for pharmaceutical, chemical or medical examinations and analyses, experiments and quality controls. Many applications require high-quality oil-free compressed air. Oil vapors damage valves, obstruct nozzles, contaminate air or distort measurement results. Oil-free compressors are an advantage for reliable operation of instruments and measuring devices as well as reliable results. The compressor unit SICOLAB from Dürr Technik is particularly suitable for this purpose.

Your advantages at a glance

High quality & flexible
  • High quality made in Germany
  • Flexible use due to scalable size of compressor Units
Economical & low-maintenance
  • Low-maintenance compressor thanks to efficient design, only filter change required
  • Energy-efficient due to most modern components and long service life
Quiet & user-friendly
  • Extremely quiet due to special sound insulation
  • Space-saving design for use directly at the workplace
  • Easy to handle due to carrying handle, wheels and low weight

Optimal properties for use in the laboratory

Laboratories and facilities do not always have a separate compressor room. If a compressor is installed in the immediate vicinity of the workplace, particularly low-noise and compact equipment is required. The oil-free compressor unit SICOLAB is the solution because the unit is specially soundproof and low-vibration. Thanks to its compact design, it may be placed directly under the laboratory bench. The mobile unit with wheels and carrying handles may also be used easily at other workplaces.

Dry compressed air is required for various applications. This is possible by using a membrane dryer. It is integrated inside the soundproof housing. Optionally, an activated carbon filter and a fine filter with a filtration degree of 0.01 µm may also be installed.

The compressors from Dürr Technik meet the ISO 8573-1 standard for air quality up to the class of 1:3:1, which makes them ideal for sensitive laboratory applications.

For over 40 years, Dürr Technik has been the specialist for oil-free compressors in the laboratory sector. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are qualified to advise you right from the start and ensure that you remain satisfied even after the purchase. We would be pleased to advise you.

Compressed air for gas chromatography in the laboratory

For the analysis of chemical components, we offer our customers the oil-free compressor SICOLAB, a product solution of the highest quality.

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Compressed air for analytical instruments such as rheometers, spectroscopes or particle measuring instruments

Oil-free compressed air is also used in the analysis method of the spectroscopy. With our oil-free compressor, we offer the highest compressed air quality for the air bearings of the drive motor of an analysis device.

More information about compressed air for analytical instruments
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Compressed air for gas generators in the laboratory

For on-site generation of gases. Compressed air of the highest quality with the oil-free SICOLAB laboratory compressor and nitrogen with the Chromalytic nitrogen generators.

More information about compressed air for gas Generators
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Compressed air for vacuum furnace

Laboratories use special furnaces for the production of prostheses. Vacuum furnaces are used for fast and gentle drying of temperature-sensitive materials. For this sensitive application, our vacuum pump provides the optimum compressed air supply.

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Further areas of application for compressed air in the laboratory

Autosampler, blood tests, CO2, DSC, COT Analysis, Dosage, ELSD detector, LCMS, food analysis, Particle measurement, rheometer, spectroscopy: AA, NMR, FT-IR

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Gas generators in the laboratory

Continuous gas supply for laboratories -
generate the gas you need directly on site and as required

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